This age cries out for authentic femininity.

Julie Nelson delivers a timeless message
to a new generation.

What does God want for women?  The culture says one thing, the Church another.

Sadly, the culture is winning, but that can change once women are exposed to the authentic feminine genius.
A distorted notion of modern feminism tells women they need to be more like men. This false notion has successfully influenced a new generation of women with disturbing results:
  • Catholic women of child-bearing years are 29% more likely to have an abortion than their Protestant counterparts.
  • 31% of all abortions are committed by Catholics. [Source: Guttmacher Institute]
  • 80% of women who experienced abortion wish they had chosen a different option.
  • A general devaluing and rejection of motherhood
  • A belief that a child is a threat to a mother’s happiness and success
  • Female teens develop depression twice as often as their male counterparts.
This data speaks for itself.  Modern feminism morphed from a mantra of liberation into one defined by bondage.
There’s hope. Women find their dignity in God. Our Blessed Mother is a perfect model of the feminine genius. She is a woman who models Christlike virtues with power and dignity. Julie Nelson delivers this timeless message with a contagious passion that connects with women of all ages.
As Pope John Paul II declared, “the Church sees in Mary the highest expression of the “feminine genius.” Julie Nelson embraces this reality. She unlocks the genius and beauty of authentic feminism and encourages women to live in harmony with their true nature.
Women are different than men. Such a radical notion!
Ready to be liberated from the stifling shackles of modern culture? Then get ready for Julie Nelson! Let’s change the world one woman at a time.

“It is in dialogue with God, enlightened by prayer, that the Christian woman continually searches to answer the Lord’s call, in the reality of her situation. This is a prayer that is always supported by the maternal presence of Mary. She, who cared for her divine Son, who propitiated his first miracle at the wedding at Cana, who was present on Calvary and at the Pentecost, shows you the road to take to deepen the meaning and role of women in society and to be fully faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and to your mission in the world.”

~ Pope Francis